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Deratech specializes in designing and manufacturing sheet metal working machines with a vision of bringing the highest-quality machines to the market. Deratech offers advanced European design, quality and technology from their research center in Belgium.

Press Brake

Deratech offers a wide range of press brakes, from entry level to high-end CNC-controlled press break with hydraulic crowning. Pressing force available from 30 ton to 1250 ton.


Deratech offers 2 types of high-end shears machine. Practica is a CNC hydraulic shears with oscillating knife beam, while Varia is a CNC hydraulic shears with variable cutting angle.

Sheet Metal Working Machine ● CNC Press Break ● CNC Hydraulic Press Break ● Hydraulic Crowning ● HD ULTIMA ● MINIBEND ● TECHNICA ● ULTIMA ● ULTIMA HYBRID

Shears Machine ● CNC Hydraulic Shears ● PRACTICA ● VARIA


Euromac is a machine manufacturer for sheet metal working, such as CNC punching, bending and notching machines utilizing the most recent technologies to meet market requirements for flexibility. Euromac creates innovative products which are at the same time easy to use.

Punching Machine

A range CNC punching machines that are highly performing, productive and with the lowest running costs that will satisfy all of your production needs, from small to large industry optimizing whatever your requirements are.

Bending Machine

Euromac Digibend is a powerful and versatile horizontal bending machin which gives you the maximum bending flexibility.

Punching Machine ● Sorting Cell ● Load & Unload Automatic System ● FMTE 10/4/6 ● Thick Turret Tools ● Bending Machine

Digibend 200e, 200/400/800 CNC ● 2/4 Jaw Bending Tool ● 2 Jaw Bending Tool with Flanges ● Rotary Bending Tool ● Movable Bending Punch

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Faccin is one of the world leaders in the designing, manufacturing of plate and angle rolls, dished heads machinery, ship frame bending rolls and presses, plate straightening machine.

Bending Rolls

Faccin bending rolls is suitable for bending plates that is capable of bending thin or thick plates offering maximum precision, high productivity and long term reliability.

Angle Roll Bending Machine

Faccin angle roll bending machine is suitable for bending steel, stainless steel and aluminium and beam in various shapes and sizes.

Dished Heads

Faccin dished heads include advanced dishing presses with automatic manipulator, which designed to offer maximum reliability.

4 Rolls Plate Bending Machine 4HEL ● Plate Rolls with Planetary Swinging Arms 4HEP ● 3 Roll Variable Geometry Bending Roll HAV

3 Rolls Plate Bending Machine 3HEL ● Initial Pinch Plate Roll ASI ● 2 Rolls Plate Roll HCU ● Angle Roll RCMI ● Angle Roll TAURUS

Hydraulic Presses for Dished End PPM+MA ● Hydroforming Press ● PPH Circular Shears CB ● Flanging Machine BF


EETO Laser is a laser equipment manufacturer and have been researching and manufacturing the best laser products and applications. We provide low/medium/high power fiber laser cutting machine (open or close type), sheet and pipe fiber laser cutting machine, CO2 laser cutting and engraving machine, laser marking machine, laser welding machine, powder coating pistol and more.

Standard Machinery Solution for Metal Sheet Industry

Specialized Machinery Solution for Advertisement Industry

CNC Fiber Laser Metal Cutting Machine FLX GII ● Sheet & Pipe CNC Laser Cutting Machine FLSP ● Open/Close Type Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine for Advertisement Industry ● Laser Cutting Machine for Nonmetal ● Laser Marking Machine ● Precise Laser Processing Machine

Laser Welding Machine ● Laser Cutting Assisting Equipment ● Powder Coating Machine ● Coating Booth & Coating Line


GEKA is a manufacturer of universal hydraulic punching shears specializing in producing punching steel and other metals. GEKA has been manufacturing ironworkers for angle work, strips and profiles for ironmongery, metal workshops, metal constructions, telecommunication and electricity towers and, all that is related to civil and industrial construction.

Ironworkers Hydracrop Series

GEKA Hydracrop Series is a high capacity hydraulic ironworker for cutting and transforming all types of profiles and steel bars.

Ironworkers Bendicrop Series

GEKA Bendicrop Series is a punching shears which incorporate an integrated bending station for punching, notching, cutting plates and bars.

Hydracrop ● Universal Two-cylindr Ironworkers ● CNC Solutions ● Bendicrop ● Hydraulic Ironworker Machines ● Bending Station

One-cylinder punching shears ● Minicrop, Microcrop and Multicrop ● Punching Shear ● Two-cylinder Punching Shears ● One/Two-cylinder Hydraulic Ironworkers

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