UBB -Press Brake

The use of Belgium synchronous technology,  design of dual servo oil and  electric hybrid system, through the left and right sets of servo motor/pump, controls Y1, Y2 fast down, bending and return movement, fast and smooth action. The response speed greatly exceeds the proportional valve control, and the time of one bending cycle of hybrid press brake is 30% faster and it s energy consumption is only about 40-60% than the electro-hydraulic synchronous press brake, the system has the characteristics of low noise and high efficiency.

DINAMICA / DAS - Turret Punch

European advanced servo-drive technology, the new generation of high efficiency, energy-saving, environmental protection CNC servo turret punch.

TECHNICA - Press Brake

Inherited European design ideas, appearance, practical and efficient, reliable, high performance-price ratio and low failure rate new style CNC hydraulic press brake machine.

UAM- Tandem Press Brake

Designed for medium and heavy steel producing of precision machining. Using whole or split main structure, good rigidity, high strength, can be made according to customer requirements of non-standard machine.

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