About Us

Learn more about Easy Machines Sdn. Bhd.

Who Are We

Founded in 1998, Easy Machines Sdn. Bhd. specializes in machinery trading and after-sale technical maintenance and support.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the best machinery and after-sales technical support to businesses in Asia.

What We Do

We provide NEW or USED heavy & light metal fabrication, sheet metal fabrication, metalworking machinery and more.

Our history

Easy Machines Sdn Bhd was established in early 1998, specializes in machinery trading and after-sales technical support. We are the sole distributor & Service Provider for FACCIN – plate rolling machines. Asia Authorized Distributor for EZ MESIN, GEKA, INECO, WARCOM, EETO, EUROMAC and DERATECH.

We provide new and used heavy and light-duty metal fabrication machinery. Heavy-duty fabrication machinery for boiler manufactures, high-pressure vessel maker, heavy structural construction, shipbuilder, tanker & truck manufacturer, telecommunication tower manufacturer. While light-duty metal fabrication machinery for businesses in the chemical tank, low-pressure vessel, commercial oven, concrete & sheet pile maker, roofing structural, cooling tower, kitchen equipment manufacturing, metal door frame manufacturing, aluminum cladding and more.